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“There was a time when I was thinking, ‘I wish I could.’

Now I think, ‘I can and I will.’”

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“It’s empowering to read about some of the difficulties that accomplished people experienced on their personal journeys, yet still moved forward to do great exploits. This book is basically saying, if they could do it, you can too!”

Lynette Philips OBE, Coach, Management Consultant and Wise Women Award winner 2016.


Lynette Philips OBE

“It`s true! Having gone through a long, hard journey to see my dream become reality, so much of what I read I thought “Yes! That`s exactly it!” For those contemplating stepping out, they are going to find real, practical, wise advice to help them do it. Why didn`t I have this book 6 years ago…?!”

Beth Moran, Author of Making Marion, I hope you Dance and The name I call myself.

Beth Moran