Declutter your life, Simplicity series

Simplicity principle # 2:  Declutter your life.  In an increasingly complex world what people crave more and more is a return to simplicity: greater simplicity lifestyle, relationships, work, you name it.

One tactic for achieving greater simplicity lies in decluttering your life. To this end, things I’ve held on to out of pure sentiment or even because God had once given them to me are being released. I’m even decluttering my wardrobe, throwing out anything I haven’t worn for more than three years (easier said than done).

wardrobes-6As we embark upon 2017 simplicity demands that certain things must go.  For example, whatever situations we have out-grown, should go. Psalm 103 says, God gives us good things according to our personal age and situation (Amplified Bible).  It’s OK to let go of whatever was given at a previous stage of life – it’ll only be a hindrance or burden if we choose to drag them into the next stage.  Laying them down frees our hands to receive all the great new things God’s got waiting for us in 2017 and beyond!

gallery-1458687288-index-spring-cleaningThere’s nothing like a good clean out to simplify and freshen up your life and boost your energy. What better time to do this than at the start of a new year? Empty out situations that have occupied your life and become burdensome and distracting.  Let go of  anything that no longer adds value but instead robs you of your peace.  Overturn circumstances that are obstructive to progress or weigh you down and wear you out, stealing your joy. Resolve not to take these into your future.



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