A heart for Israel

Though we were physically born into a country, when you were born again you were born into the kingdom of God, whose country is Israel.  As much as we love and have concerns for what goes on in the country of our natural birth, we ought to love and be concerned for anything that affects Israel.


When Jesus returns he will be enthroned there.  Imagine it.  It is a thought that overwhelms; that Jesus our most beautiful and wonderful Lord, will once again be Emmanuel – God with us in person. The Spirit of Jesus is with us now and He is Jesus himself, but we will have Jesus as he was when He walked the hills of Galilee.croen-and-scepter

Its implications can scarce be imagined.  When he comes, all those who are crying now because of the hurts, injustices and wickedness of man will cease crying, for he will wipe every tear from their eyes.  All who hurt, will find that their pain will end.  The Prince of Peace will end all oppression and conflict.  The earth will be changed.

Let’s make a commitment to pray for Israel every day.  It is not someone else’s country, it is our country and our people. Let us pray for her protection.  Let us pray that God will surround our  Motherland with friends who have the capacity to defend her. May God bless Israel forever.

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