Make a list of simple pleasures, Simplicity Series

Simplicity principle #3: Enjoy simple pleasures.  These days, busyness is the status quo.  Each of us carries responsibilities.  Life passes in a blur as we run from day to day trying to keep up with the countless things we have to do.  What’s easily lost in the mix is the fact that God wants us not only to have life, but also to enjoy it.  He himself takes pleasure in us.  His will is that we find pleasure in the life he’s given us.

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In addition to giving us pleasure, this simplicity principle is key to creating essential balance and boosting our well being.  For each person, simple pleasures will mean many different things and even change as we age.  Simple pleasures involve being present in a given moment and lingering long enough to savour it.  It’s the art of quietening the mind. Its worshipping or reading the Word. Its listening to a friend share their testimony.  It’s arriving early for a meeting (as happened to me yesterday), finding a spot where you can have a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy its aroma and taste.  It’s in watching a game on TV or playing football with a group of friends at night.  It’s in taking a drive with the family, not heading anywhere in particular. It’s buying yourself a bouquet of flowers and arranging them in a vase.  It’s pausing to look at them and appreciate their beauty ever so often. It’s a day of letting your hair down and laughing way too much with good friends.



A friend of mine compiled a list of ten simple pleasures that gives her joy a boost when needed.  One of them is taking a power shower.  Take control of 2017 by creating your list of top ten simple pleasures and commit to doing them whenever you need to or should.


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