Crushing it in 2017, getting the results you want in life

Say Yes! to getting the results you actually want

I don’t know, so many people say they want this or they want that, then carry on the way they always have.  They want something in the future that they perceive as better and yet continue doing the same things.  They act the same way.  They hold on to old habits and routines. They focus on what they don’t want (what they have) instead of re-focusing on what they do want (what they want to have).

Well that’s insanity according to Albert Einstein who apparently said, ‘The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things while expecting to get different results.’ Or something along those lines, but you get the meaning…

Psalm 91:13 says we will trample (or crush) young lions, adders and scorpions underfoot. All these are symbols of subtle, yet powerful weapons released by the enemy to stop us in our tracks and kill off the future by stealing life.  In other words they are the devil’s strategies for stagnating you were you are.  They are the wrong ways of doing things that keep you from making progress.  They manifest in the unhelpful habits that bear bad fruit in your life.  But you have authority to crush them, not only in prayer, but in what you do.


If you want to crush it in 2017 forget about doing what you’ve always done if it hasn’t given you the results you desire. Take authority, resolve to change and do different things instead. Here are some ideas:

  • Want to have savings? Its insane to continue spending all your money!  Instead, crush it by putting some into an account that will be a hassle to get to
  • Want more harmonious relationships? Its insane to carry on doing or saying things that annoy or hurt people! Instead, crush it by doing what makes them happy and definitely start controlling what you say to them (see my post When to zip it)
  • Want to do well at work? Its insane not doing what you’re being paid to do!  Instead, crush it by doing what you’re paid to do, to the best of your ability, plus more on top
  • Want to be closer to God? Its insane not to read the word, obey it and spend time in prayer! Instead, crush it reading at least a chapter a day, and spending half an hour in worship and prayer then build from there
  • Want to be thin? Its insane to continue eating fattening foods (not matter how much better they taste!).  Instead, crush it by increasing the veg and green leafy stuff on your plate while decreasing the carbs and fats, plus take a 20 min brisk walk everyday

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that as you carry on with doing different things how quickly the new results will begin stacking up!

One important tool you need to forge ahead with getting new (and better) results in your life is this:


This tool has 13 life transformational habits you need to form if you want to crush it in 2017 and beyond. Get paperback, hardback and kindle now on Amazon by clicking right here.

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