My recommends: Start with Why

I had completed the very first draft of Do Great Exploits before giving a few chapters to my friend Kay Akinwunmi to read.  Kay’s an avid reader and it shows.  He’s one of the most gracious, well mannered and simply wonderful young men I know.  After getting to know him I did ask God, ‘Lord, where were the guys like Kay when I was in my twenties?’  Don’t worry, I told Kay already, so he won’t be embarrassed!  He’s about to be married to someone who is worthy and I wish them every happiness.

Anyway after a couple of weeks Kay got back to me and said these words, ‘Mich, I started the chapters but couldn’t continue.  The book did not meet my expectations.’  Now, these words could have devastated me, but they had the completely opposite effect.  I was overwhelmed with admiration.  Here was Kay feeding back to a friend who was some twenty years older than him and who he clearly liked and respected, telling the truth.  Wow.  I didn’t think he could rise any higher in my estimation.  But that evening over drinks at the Southbank Centre, he did rise higher in my esteem.

That took true courage to tell me what he actually thought.  And it meant everything to me that he did.  I went straight back to the drawing board and completed two more drafts, sharing them with a few close friends for more feedback.  I now have a book that I am proud of and feel able to put out there for the world to read.  Click here for recent book reviews on Do Great Exploits.

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Many books I’ve read over the years contributed to my way of viewing life and how I think; and that has helped to shape some of the messages in my book.  But that night when Kay spoke to me for over an hour about the books he read and how they had impacted him, he alluded to the one he was reading at the time.  Its called Start with Why, by Simon Sinek.  I read it and it helped me to clarify why I was writing my book, why I choose this genre, the messages, the purpose, the type of impact I wanted it have in a reader’s life.  Once I became clear on my ‘Why’ I transformed Do Great Exploits and it became the book it is today.

Start with Why helps readers understand what they’re doing and why their doing it, so that they become more effective in producing the results they want to produce – regardless of the field they’re working in.

Dedication page in Do Great Exploits

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