The Donald leaves me smh

Alternative truths, fake news, mine’s bigger than his, in life there’s so much more to grab than great business deals, birtherism, mocking disabled journalists, calling Mexican’s rapists and murderers, rigged elections, election hacking, insulting families of dead Muslim veterans, building a wall along the US, Mexican border, unattractive, fat women, she’s a nasty woman. Never mind El Nino, climate change, global warming, melting arctic ice, tsunamis and earthquakes, the world’s been caught up in a dizzying tornado of themes coming out of the recent US election.

Yet here we are.  Donald Trump has taken office as the 45th President of the United States of America.  More than a few at home and abroad, both spiritual and secular, were unconvinced that he would make it to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue alive.  Could be why the new First Lady appeared so tense, in fact downright petrified, on her family’s biggest day out, ever.  That fabulous powder blue, possibly plagiarised dress (a picture of Jackie O wearing the same collar was passed about on social media with a note reminding everyone of the plagarisation of Michelle O’s speech), would not have had any room to accommodate a bullet proof vest.  With so many plagarisms already accomplished in such a short period of time, we can’t help but wonder if this is a new fashionable trend.

But really, I don’t actually feel as acerbic about the whole affair as I sound here.  The fact (not the alternative fact, the actual fact) is that my feelings about the whole thing might be more accurately described along the lines of shock and awe in general, but at different points they can be laced with tenuous admiration during which I try to hold on to a childlike hope that maybe, just maybe, the Donald is a responsible and fearless man who will do only good for all Americans and indeed in the world. I hope he isn’t a dictator.  I hope he isn’t abusing his wife. I hope he doesn’t actually want to date his daughter. I hope he doesn’t really despise ethnic minorities. I hope that one day soon, when he’s not so busy, he’ll make it clear to the right wing, rednecks and KKK sympathisers, especially those who wear police uniforms, that what they thought he meant by all the things he said, isn’t actually what he meant at all. I hope the cast of characters he’s appointed aren’t as elitist as they are considered to be by many.

That feeling of hope in the good things to come is only ever short lived however, and is dashed quickly by horror at the next awful thing he says.  At other times I’m filled with deep mirth, and belly laugh so loud that my neighbours probably hear me and ponder whether they should call an ambulance.  At times its wonder, not so much at the Donald, but at God and his amazing, inscrutable maneuvers in keeping with his end time plans.  O how he uses the weak things of this world to confound the wise.  And the wise are indeed confounded.  In short the Donald gives me much cause to smh.

Still, it is a bitter pill and the only way I can swallow it is by fiercely keeping a spiritual perspective on the whole thing, which can be summarised thus: we are in the end times and God is on the move.  This thing is way bigger than civil rights or women’s rights. There’s a much bigger picture to focus on and learn about here.  After all someone has to position Israel in such a way as to enable her to set things in place for the soon return of her King.

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