Changed for the better

When he was young, Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob, didn’t get along very well with his brothers. He was in the habit of giving bad reports about them to Jacob, their father. Jacob favoured him above all his sons, which gave Joseph little incentive to develop himself into a better person. Instead, he majored in pointing out his brothers’ faults. Who likes people who love pointing out the shortcomings of others? Instead of correcting Joseph, his father was blinded by his favouritism towards him.

Gold before its refined

Joseph had two dreams that pointed to his parents and brothers bowing down to him one day. He shared them with his family. It proved the final straw for his brothers. In anger, they sold him into slavery. Joseph spent the next thirteen years paying the full price for the dreams God had given him.


Gold after its been through the refiner’s fire

By the time he went through the refining fire as an Egyptian slave who was falsely accused and thrown into prison, he was a completely different person. His character had matured; he was devoid of his self-righteous arrogance and had no desire to seek revenge. All Joseph wanted to do was serve. His entire focus was on what was in the best interest of the kingdom he was called to serve as the highest official. (share your refining fire moment in the comment box below)

God is the potter, we are the clay

Most people crave new seasons, but not all new seasons unfold in the way they expect.  The strange beauty of the Christian life is that God is as invested in shaping and preparing us to stand in the ultimate place he has for us as he is in getting us to that place.  We are led through the fire in order to be transformed into something far more beautiful, stronger, capable and usable than we were when we first dreamed the dream he gave us.  In going through the fire, allow its flames to change you for the better.   Don’t resist or try to run from the heat of it.  As you surrender to what God is doing, and come out the other side tried and tested, even you will praise him for what he did in you.

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