Embrace the changes and reign

In the Bible, we see David transitioning though several life stages.  He went from season to season – good ones and not so good ones with looking back or grieving the last one.  With each new season he boldly embraced the change and took on the responsibilities required to fulfill the vision God gave him to be king of Israel.


David did great exploits in every chapter of his life. He began as a shepherd and took responsibility to guard his father’s sheep, slaying a lion and a bear in the process. He could have allowed the sheep to be taken and then blame the lion; instead, he took responsibility to defend the sheep as was his charge.


And then he became a captain of a hundred. As he took that responsibility on, he did such exploits that the women lined the streets and sang, ‘David has slain his ten thousands.’

As a married man, David took responsibility and became a provider for his wives and children. As a fugitive and exile, when outcasts gathered round him, he took responsibility and became their leader.

As a son, he took responsibility for his aging parents and ensured their safety and well-being by relocating them outside of Saul’s realm.


As a ruler, he bore the title Israel’s greatest king. Without a willingness to take personal responsibility and adapt to the changes his vision demanded, his story would have been very different.

One key to embracing change lies in choosing to take responsibility for how the new season turns out by doing what it requires of you.  (What do you find hard/easy about change – share in the comment boxes below).

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