When your new season goes pear shaped

‘God is doing a new thing!’ How many times have you been excited and inspired by this declaration proclaimed from a pulpit, or in a prayer meeting, or when a prophet spoke over you?  It’s a phrase we often hear in the Christian faith.  We like it too, because it holds a wonderful promise that God sees our need and he’s personally invested in taking us somewhere better than where we are currently. We are filled with hope and anticipation because a season is about to change for the better.  (Or at least we presume so).


When Joseph dreamed his dreams no doubt he thought ‘God’s going to do a new thing!’  He was so thrilled he could hardly wait to tell his parents, his siblings and probably everyone who would listen.  The promise revealed in those fateful dreams was indeed a great one.  And God did in fact do a new thing.  It just didn’t manifest in the way Joseph might have expected.  In fact a number of new things took place for Joseph during the ensuing seasons of his life – none of which he would have ever chosen for himself or expected in his worst nightmares.  (If this has happened to you scroll down to the comment box and encourage someone with your testimony)

He was perplexed, troubled; even inconsolable at times, crying into his pillow, all alone in the still of night.  The new seasons of his life cruelly conflicted with the dreams he had dreamt.  Had he got it so wrong?  He searched his heart again and again for the sin he must have committed. What had he done to deserve the strange times that had befallen him? Though the times were tumultuous with no good reason that explained them, Joseph remained in a place of faith.  In the glory years of being his father’s favourite child, he would have looked to Jacob for everything.  But now, he had to learn to look to God like never before. The new season forced him to let go of every earthward prop, status, reliance or human system and wait on God.  We know how the story ends….


If your new season looks like nothing you had expected, do as Joseph did, trust God and hold on to the dream he gave you.  What God will ultimately do, will more than make up for any current sufferings.

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