Knowing he’s The One for you

Ok, I changed this one’s diapers!  She was a beautiful child and has grown into an exquisite young woman.  Now a wife, entrepreneur, fashionista (I still don’t know how she maintains her poise in those heals she wears) and fashion blogger.

Mrs Aquila Farrell followed her man across the Canadian border to San Francisco, where they currently live as he continues to climb the corporate ladder, doing great exploits worldwide.  You know what they say about every successful man right?


Aquila and Hackim have been married five years and the romance is still going from strength to strength.

HMJ asked Aquila to share how she knew Hackim was The One; these are her words below.

“…meeting face to face…I was so nervous…I forgot my bible.”

Sat on the church pew, looked to my right and I knew it was love. Hack sat there with the most soothing look on his face. It was our first time meeting face to face after many msn messenger exchanges( Who remembers msn messenger). I was nervous but calm at the same time. We spoke for a few minutes and I was so nervous, I forgot my bible. He later texted me telling me he would drop it off. Very movie-esque right?

Love at first sight is so cliché but for me it was my reality. The Lord spoke to me and told me that Hackim would be the one that I would spend the rest of my life with. What God didn’t tell me was that there would be bumps along the way. Instead He showed me.

“This was an opportunity for me to see Hackim’s character and creativity…” 

We were students working minimum wage jobs with limited funds. Elaborate dates or gifts were not common. This was an opportunity for me to see Hackim’s character and creativity. We would pop popcorn at home and watch movies in his parent’s basement or go for walks downtown. I had an old car but he cared for it like a brand new Mercedes. He would wash it weekly and take it the mechanic for check ups. During this time I was stressed because of my demanding university program but Hackim coached me through and made me feel like I could do it. In a few years, we would take pictures at our graduation which was ironically on the same day.

God kept His promise and we were married in 2012.


The bumps in the road were defining moments handcrafted by God. Each bump showed me the type of man I would one day marry, his demeanor, mindset and faith in God. It helped us grown closer together and built a bond that would last forever.

 “Hackim’s character shined so bright…being his wife would be a blessing.”

It is all about character. Hackim’s character shined so bright that I couldn’t deny that being his wife would be a blessing from God. 5 years later we are still married, the date nights have changed and we have a better car.  With all of the blessings of travel, financial growth and true love, I still remember the moment God spoke to me and as usual, He was right.

Please share how you know your spouse was The One for you in the comment boxes below!

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