Great romances of the Bible series – David and Abigail: love at first sight


And David sent and communed with Abigail, to take her to him as his wife (1 Samuel 25:39).

David, the man God described as ‘…a man after my own heart’ was one of the most passionate human beings in scripture.  Rarely does the bible go into describing the physical appearance of a human being, yet scripture paints a picture of him as a very good looking man, youthful, with a fine complexion and beautiful eyes.

David was obviously an intelligent man, who was distinct from other men in a number of different ways.  He was a gifted musician, poet and psalmist, which suggests he was sensitive, with a heart that was easily moved to tenderness.  Many of his writings in Psalms back this theory up.  But David was also a fearless warrior, leader and statesman.  Many are called, few are chosen, but only David is described as a man God prepared for himself.  It had to be so because he was created for a position of high honour, and his name would endure for ever.  David’s bloodline would produce the Christ.  To him God swore that one of his descendants would always sit on his throne.  The scriptural capital of Israel where David’s descendent Jesus would return and reign forever, is surnamed The City of David.

So what would a man created, crafted and prepared in such a special way want in a woman?  What kind of woman would attract the close attention of a would be king? Who would he choose for himself?  He would have longed for the companionship afforded by the right one.  One that suited him like a glove fits a hand.  With the call that was on his life and the responsibilities he would have to carry, what sort of woman would he choose to stand by his side, to give him an ear when he needed it, be his most wise and intimate confidant, to reason with about matters of the kingdom, aid his decision making, give him a strong and steady shoulder to lean on.  He would have wanted someone he could laugh with, be comforted by and who always had something new to show him.  She would needs be the sort of woman in whose arms he could lose himself in and forget all his troubles.

When Abigail intercepted David that fateful day, she changed his world.  She is described in scripture as a ‘…woman of good understanding, and beautiful.’ (1 Samuel 25:3)  After Abigail reasoned with him that day, David’s perspective was restored and he spoke these words to her, ‘Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, Who sent you this day to meet me. And blessed be your discretion and advice, and blessed be you who have kept me today from blood-guiltiness and from avenging myself with my own hand.’

Abigail left her indelible mark on David’s heart. He went away, but couldn’t forget her.  When he heard of her husband’s death David immediately sent for her.  He claimed this godly, but wise and courageous woman and made her his wife.

Many women want to marry great men.  Ruth Graham, when asked by a reporter how she coped with Billy Graham being away from home so much said, ‘I’d rather have a slice of a great man than have the whole of a mediocre one.’  She learned that marrying a great man was not for the faint of heart.  If you want to marry an uncommon man, become an uncommon woman. Develop yourself in godly wisdom, emotional strength, confidence and boldness while you wait for him.

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