One young man’s take on finding a significant other’

He’s good looking, over six foot, educated and a Christian.  My nickname for him is Mr GQ. That’s because he presents himself well and is a gentleman. But he’s also heaps of fun, makes me laugh til I cry, is a kind, sweet, thoughtful man who once told me that he’ll probably have to have a forklift carry his fiance’s hand because of the size of the rock he’ll buy her for their engagement.  Its not because he’s flashy – quite the opposite in fact.  He’s just has a high regard for the opposite sex and the ring will simply be a token of his enduring love.

Here are his views on what he’s looking for before he buys that ring…

Within today’s realm, amidst professional goals and other lofty aspirations, individuals are seeking something significant to complete their life, which cannot be found within salaries or elliptical at your local gym.

A significant other is important and being a male who has recently entered the relationship space, my perspective of what I was seeking did not change, but became clearer as I learned about my partner.

Generally, men are often seeking women who are confident in themselves. We now live in a social media driven society, where women often seek validation via social media posts through the form of like and comments.  Yet men generally pursue women who are aware of themselves, but do not need an external source of validation.

Another key element which leads to a man’s pursuit of a woman can be found in the way she presents herself. Style is important and it works well with the confidence mentioned earlier. But understanding trends and being able to present them while staying true to yourself allows for a man to not only be aware of you, but also creates a platform of intrigue, which often adds additional interest to the pursuit.

Lastly, a fair amount of men may disagree with this, but spiritual substance is also trending. Women, who actively pray for their significant other, believe in his potential to grow and become better and in his ability to achieve his personal goals, are a major asset. Many women generally have this quality, but as a man, I will say this quality carries a lot of weight and leads to long-term satisfaction for both individuals.

Looking ahead, I encourage women to be patient as they wait for their significant other. Identify with your spirituality, be confident, present yourself well, and trust God’s ability to present you with the right mate in due time.

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