Tapping into your inner genius

There’s little I enjoy more than to take time out to invest in my development.

Doing so enables me to tap into my inner self and reconnect with what truly matters to me.

Some people refer to this as their inner genius. Whatever you call it, its simply God’s handiwork within.

It’s comprised of the unique combination of gifts, abilities, and personality he crafted when he formed me in my mother’s womb.

Investing in my development amounts to reflecting on how that inner genius is being affected, changed, developed, made better (or worse) by my life experiences, my social circles and networks.

Taking time out to reconnect into my inner genius is an opportunity a time to take stock of where I am in comparison to where I used to be and of course, to where I’m going.

Yesterday I took a whole day to do just that and was not disappointed. I attended an event where women in business, ministry, building careers were present.

We presented our work, we openly discussed our challenges, we shared ideas, solutions, even the dreams we are yet to realise.

There is a unique combination of gifts, personality and experiences in each of us.

A sort of inner genius engineered by God which he put in you when he created you and developed by him through the orchestration of your life experiences.

He’s creating a thing of beauty, believe me. It may look a mess now, but his ultimate aim is to develop his own image and likeness in you.

So what do you do about it

Want to know the plans God has for you?


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