Colour and spice

There’s more warmth in one street in the Caribbean than in the whole world together. People greet you as if they have known you all their lives.

Life on this unspoiled island is a sweet combination of upbeat and languid. This fisher, as they are now called in line with gender equality, only goes out to sea Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He leaves at 2am and doesn’t return til evening. Interesting looking fishing traps stored in his front yard.

He wishes us a ‘pleasant stay’ after the obligatory selfie. We exit his yard and continue down the road. Drivers passing us on the road toot their horns and wave.

Didn’t expect to see cactus here, but great big clumps if them a dotted along the road. Some tower towards the pristine blue skies.

The beach is just seven minutes walk ahead and I’m melting in the heat. Looking forward to a good immersion from head to toe!

“Keep your head on straight and your heart on strong!”

H Michelle Johnson

#dogreatexploits #Momsterrat #heat #sunshine #holiday

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