Bye, bye Montserrat…

And so it was that we left Montserrat after a brilliant 5 days of sea, sun, friends, laughter and drinks.

As we were led out the departure gate unto the tarmac I turned to one of the ground staff and said, ‘I truly enjoyed Montserrat.’

Haven’t had one since childhood! Sooo delicious…

Pumis from volcanic rock. All the land we stood on on this side of the island was volcanic sand.

She looked at me and asked, ‘First time?’

I nodded.

‘Come back!’ She grinned.

Antigua, here we come!

Ariel shot of Antigua coastline

Keep your head on straight and your heart on strong!

H Michelle Johnson

#dogreatexploits #travel #caribbean #sunshine #flight #getaway #holiday #montserrat #antigua #volcano #seaside

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