What’s to be done about bulls who run around china shops?

It takes some doing to land me in a state of bemusement. But recently, I’ve found myself bemused at least a couple times a week. Maybe I’m becoming less tolerant in middle age. I don’t know.

But when you’ve done your utmost to make your views on an important issue clear to someone who insists on ignoring them, you have to consider why you keep putting up with it!

Alas, in close personal relationships, this kind of quandary isn’t rare. You set a boundary in place and the bull simply comes along and tramples it down. You agree a plan, and go about your business, only to return to find the bull has run rough shod over it.


It’s not matter of control, but of respect. If what’s important to you isn’t respected. If your feelings are habitually disregarded. If your voice goes consistently unheard. Then something is quite wrong.

Maybe it’s time to put that bull out to pasture and move on.

Keep your head on straight and your heart on strong!

H Michelle Johnson

#dogreatexploits #relationships #women101

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