Exploits in Reversing Diabetes

So, this week on The Women 101 Show, I’m running my interview with Chef, Lyndon Wissart, who wrote the book The Inspired Diabetic.

Apart from being one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, Lyndon is amazing because he’s accomplished what millions of people dream of – he reversed his Diabetes. Not only did he reverse it, but he did it in just 3 months without any medication.

Diabetes is a very serious illness. Something like 3 million people in the UK have the condition and 1 million are estimated to have it without knowing it. Tragically, the disease, if uncontrolled, results in damage to major vital organs, not to mention potential amputation of the extremities.

Symptoms include: urinary frequency; numbness or pins and needles in the fingers and/or toes; blurred vision; thirst; hunger; weight gain/loss, difficulty healing.

A diagnosis of diabetes can result in a life long struggle to maintain health, usually through the use of regular medication, such as injecting insulin. Lyndon chose to take control, rejecting medication, by radically changing his lifestyle. 2 years on since the diagnosis his blood glucose remains within normal limits and he has never taken any medication. Tune in to hear him recount his journey towards and away from Diabetes Thursday 20th September, 8-9pm on http://www.prayz.in radio.

Keep your head on straight and your heart on strong!

H Michelle Johnson

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