Preparation is key

Today I launched my new radio show on an old but continuous theme of mine. Two years ago I published my first book Do Great Exploits which activates people to step out and accomplish anything their heart desires.

This show is called The Great Xploits Show. Tune in every Saturday 10-12noon on

I couldn’t have launched the show with a better duo than Jasmine Dale and her friend Pastor Loy. Jasmine founded a project called The Brent Factor. Aimed at giving kids an alternative to gangs, it packs in so much opportunity for young people, going into inner city estates to draw out the artistic talent. Not only does it put young people Centre stage with their vocal talent or spoken word talent, The Brent Factor project also gives them a qualification in entertainment business too! How cool is that?

L-R Jasmine, Michelle, Pastor Loy

Anyway one key great exploits lesson from the interview which you can check out on Facebook live (Women101- H Michelle Johnson) is preparation. If you’re looking for sponsors, grants or loans for your project, understand that if you want to be taken seriously by the purse string holders you have to have your facts straight, understand what you want to achieve, and a track record that makes you credible. It also helps if you can evidence that you’ve already begun or have tested your idea and demonstrate its potential.

I really had fun talking to these two women.

Hey, do great exploits!

Until next time,

H Michelle Johnson

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