The deepest, closest most chatty relationship with God

I am so grateful for the array of amazing women God has brought into my life over the last year or so.  These are women of strength and experience doing exploits in so many areas of life.  Wonderfully, they are lovers of God and in knowing him, I mean really growing in their intimate knowledge … Continue reading The deepest, closest most chatty relationship with God

The season of God’s goodness

Say Yes! to continuing in faith In Psalm 27:13 David mused, 'What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord's goodness in the land of the living?' In other words he marvelled that if he had not persevered in faith and expectation that the Lord would fulfil his … Continue reading The season of God’s goodness

A heart for Israel

Though we were physically born into a country, when you were born again you were born into the kingdom of God, whose country is Israel.  As much as we love and have concerns for what goes on in the country of our natural birth, we ought to love and be concerned for anything that affects … Continue reading A heart for Israel