Exploits in Reversing Diabetes

So, this week on The Women 101 Show, I'm running my interview with Chef, Lyndon Wissart, who wrote the book The Inspired Diabetic. Apart from being one of the nicest guys I've ever met, Lyndon is amazing because he's accomplished what millions of people dream of - he reversed his Diabetes. Not only did he … Continue reading Exploits in Reversing Diabetes

A world of difference to your success

Today I behaved like the quintessential anti-Writer - at least until I cut out the anti and just started writing. I came to a beautiful spot and was convinced that the words would percolate and come tumbling out falling down unto the page. But they didn't. The anti-Writer in me enjoyed the amenities of the … Continue reading A world of difference to your success

What’s to be done about bulls who run around china shops?

It takes some doing to land me in a state of bemusement. But recently, I've found myself bemused at least a couple times a week. Maybe I'm becoming less tolerant in middle age. I don't know. But when you've done your utmost to make your views on an important issue clear to someone who insists … Continue reading What’s to be done about bulls who run around china shops?

Bye, bye Montserrat…

And so it was that we left Montserrat after a brilliant 5 days of sea, sun, friends, laughter and drinks. As we were led out the departure gate unto the tarmac I turned to one of the ground staff and said, ‘I truly enjoyed Montserrat.’ Pumis from volcanic rock. All the land we stood on … Continue reading Bye, bye Montserrat…